Hotel Sales & Catering Software

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Our success is attributable to our mission: “To produce sales software that has greater functionality, that is easier to use, at a fraction of the cost of competing applications.” Our total focus is to provide a tool that gives our Customers The Power to Sell More, Faster, Easier, Better, For Less... Guaranteed!

Our sales and catering software will enable you to:

  • Exploit New Account Opportunities
  • Provide Key Accounts Exceptional Service
  • Maximize Groups & Functions Revenue
  • Use the Power of the Internet and Email
  • Secure, Control and Manage Account Information
  • Reduce Sales Administration Time By 75%

 Sales Revenue and Marketing Products:

A fully-functional automated account management and group sales system.
A group catering and banquet software system.
A system which allows hotels to build their own landing pages.
"hotel SalesPro allows us to have universal reporting across all brands in our portfolio. Being able to access these reports on all properties at any given time has made things so much easier for us at the management level"

-Carolee Ettline
 Senior Director of Field Sales
 Crestline Hotels & Resorts