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Hotel SalesPro Reports

Request a demonstration to see how hotel SalesPro automates the hotel report preparation process. 

hotel SalesPro comes with over 60 standard hotel reports to benefit each level of your organization.

Account & Contact Reports

Group Sales Reports

Trace Reports

  • Account Traces
  • Account Traces Completed
  • Account Trace Count
  • Accounts without Future Traces
  • Completed Traces By Link-to
  • Function Traces
  • Function Traces Completed
  • Sales Productivity
  • Sales Recap with detail
  • Trace Call - Detail
  • Trace Productivity
  • Traces not completed
  • Weekly Trace Productivity



Metting with Reports
"The tools that the hotel SalesPro team has put together are terrific in analyzing the property's mix of sales that will be a plus as we move into the budgeting process."

-Debbie Napier
Regional Director of Revenue Management, Shamin Hotels