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There are several training options available for hotel SystemsPro customers. A core set of Live Webinars are available to all customers at no additional cost. All of the webinars have been recorded and are available 24/7. We also offer live Webinars that are available to all customers and are approximately one hour in duration. Private sessions are available upon request.

Software Updates

We are continually improving the hotel SalesPro system and encourage our customers to update to the latest version. Updates are available at no additional cost.

Customer Support

hotel SystemsPro offers 24/7 customer service and a Technical Support team to assist customers. FAQs are available on our customer support website.

Hosting Services

We host your data so you do not have to purchase and support additional software or hardware. We use state of the art technology which ensures that your information is secure and available to you 24/7. Databases are backed-up daily.


hotel SalesPro Enterprise subscriptions come complete with a suite of over 150 industry standard reports.

Document Services

hotel SalesPro subscriptions include generic Word Merge Templates that can be customized to each property’s needs. We also offer a documents conversion service for properties wishing to convert their contracts into system templates.

Certification Testing

Our hotel SalesPro User Certification test measures a user’s knowledge of the features and functions of hotel SalesPro. Those passing the certification test receive a certificate of achievement from hotel SystemsPro.

Enterprise Mobile

A mobile version of hotel SalesPro is available to enable hotel sales teams to review their calendar, check group and meeting space availability, and add or edit their accounts and contacts as needed, without logging into a computer!


hotel SalesPro is interfaced with various Property Management Systems and Digital Signage Solutions. Please inquire about availability and pricing.
“When you’re a team of one like I am, hotel SalesPro really helps me stay on top of the 100+ local organizations who book with us. I couldn’t do my job without it.”

- Indira Naidu
Director of Sales & Marketing, Coakley & Williams